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The Betrayal of Our Democratic System

From Aninsider

On Saturday March, 5th 2016 we had caucuses and primaries in Nebraska, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Louisiana.

  • Bernie Sanders won the Kansas Caucus with 68% / Hillary 32%
  • Bernie Sanders won the Nebraska Caucus wit 57% / Hillary 43%
  • Hillary Clinton won the Louisiana Primary with 71% / Bernie 23%

Bernie won with a record voter turnout in Kansas.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 15.42.35BUT – the mainstream media’s coverage for this whole day was mainly about the GOP candidates. They talked for hours that Ted Cruz won Kansas & Maine and Trump in Kentucky & Louisiana. They speculated in length about the GOP politics and their candidates, what Cruz, or Trump said, what their chances would be etc.. Next they wrote/talked in length about how Clinton swept the South, scored a commanding victory in Louisiana and was able to cement a significant delegate lead. Only at the end of each broadcast or article they included the tiny afterthought that Bernie Sanders won Kansas and Nebraska. The Betrayal of Our Democratic System weiterlesen