The Betrayal of Our Democratic System

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On Saturday March, 5th 2016 we had caucuses and primaries in Nebraska, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Louisiana.

  • Bernie Sanders won the Kansas Caucus with 68% / Hillary 32%
  • Bernie Sanders won the Nebraska Caucus wit 57% / Hillary 43%
  • Hillary Clinton won the Louisiana Primary with 71% / Bernie 23%

Bernie won with a record voter turnout in Kansas.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 15.42.35BUT – the mainstream media’s coverage for this whole day was mainly about the GOP candidates. They talked for hours that Ted Cruz won Kansas & Maine and Trump in Kentucky & Louisiana. They speculated in length about the GOP politics and their candidates, what Cruz, or Trump said, what their chances would be etc.. Next they wrote/talked in length about how Clinton swept the South, scored a commanding victory in Louisiana and was able to cement a significant delegate lead. Only at the end of each broadcast or article they included the tiny afterthought that Bernie Sanders won Kansas and Nebraska.

On Sunday March 6th, Bernie Sanders won in Maine with 64% / Hillary 36%

Again the voter turnout was massive, some voters were even turned away or told to cast absentee ballots, because of long lines.
BUT – on Sunday, luckily for the main stream media, news broke that Nancy Reagan had died and all news coverage was about Nancy Reagan and about the Democratic Debate in the evening. That Bernie Sanders won Maine with 64% – 36% was rarely something mentioned in the news.

This weekend made it absolutely clear again that the USA mainstream media is biased, corrupt and IS purposely ignoring Bernie Sanders. It is a media blackout on Bernie Sanders which is engineered and on purpose.

This kind of news coverage reminds me of the propaganda of the former GDR and about an actual sports report in the GDR media. Only two countries, the GDR and BRD, participated in a motorcycle race. The BRD team won this race. 
The news report of the GDR about this race went something like this:

This weekend our motorcycle team mastered a race against Western Germany. Our team reached a fantastic second place! The BRD finished only second to last.

We all know that communist countries manipulate news on purpose to force their politics on their people. They spread their propaganda to reach their political ideas, agenda and goals.
What is so disgusting with the US press is that they renounce, betray and sell out our democratic ideas about politics, free press and the very ideas our nation is founded on – just because of greed & money.
The US mainstream media is the enemy of our democratic system & nation and even worse than communistic propaganda which at least is driven by ideas but not by filthy lucre.

BTW – most foreign mainstream media is much too lazy to do their own reporting – or also have to follow the money of their big media companies. Consequently they just take the US mainstream media propaganda and translate this inaccurate crap! Most of the people in foreign countries either never have heard about Bernie Sanders, or saw only very little coverage about him. This worldwide betrayal and propaganda of the mainstream media is just disgusting!

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Source: The Betrayal of Our Democratic System

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